I really need to see you. It's important.

Julie took his jacket off.

Do you want a tray with that?

Unwittingly, he told her exactly what she wanted to know.

That blue-white shining star is Sirius.

Do you really want to go to Boston by yourself?

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I forgot where the car was.


I stopped going there.

The Russians have arrived at the gates of Brandenburg.

They arrived late because of the storm.


Rudy walked across the room and opened the window.

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Victory is possible, though unlikely.


The building was still there in my time.


They will take down the house in a day.

The burglar didn't have any plan - he just entered the shop and grabbed things at random.

It was pitch-black.

He comes to school earlier than any other student in the class.

Irwin did a great job tonight.

Nobody can do two things at once.

Dan's dog scared off the pigeons.

We're pooped.

The billy goat is bleating.

Nature is a very important element in the Australian culture.

Hartmann meets Cathy in the school library two or three times a week.

She will have been in hospital for a month next Monday.

It's been a while since I've eaten cottage cheese.

Vilhelm is just getting off the bus now.

I want to be a better person.

I told him about it yesterday.

I like to download books.

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Ozan never visits Merton anymore.

Doubtless you have heard the news.

Does he love me?


I don't like the idea of you staying here alone.

Tai never locks his door.

They won't take Niels back.

He would still be alive if he had been wearing his seat belt when the car crashed.

He did not enjoy his lessons.

I think it's simple.

I don't speak Lojban

You can come in if you want.

At last, the truth became known to us.

Is this typewriter yours?

The bride's father showed up late for the wedding ceremony.

It's my turn to provide an answer.

All the passengers were killed in the crash.

Lex should be along any minute.

Did you speak to Carlos?

I was pretty surprised.

It's not the final goal, but the process of getting there that matters.

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Pardon, what have you just said?

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I've known Svante since I was a kid.

Let's eat our dinner before it gets cold.

He reads a novel every day.

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Tell her we'll be ready.

I don't know what you expect me to do.

Peter has been trying to find a new apartment for some time.

Someone finally called 911.

It's almost time for dinner.


Darren started to sing.

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He likes science fiction.


Let's eat the ice cream now. It's going to melt.

Nothing is achieved without struggle.

They can't possibly be that stupid.

Do you want to meet them?

The sky is gloomy and gray - a typical rainy-season sky.


There may be two cases here.


That flower has a strong smell.

We can't leave them here.

I knew it from the start.

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Do what's right.


Heinrich was badly bitten by a dog.


Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow?

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He fails at work.


After a while, I could not help noticing we did not seem to be walking on the path anymore.


Where were you yesterday afternoon?

Roxane will pass.

I almost felt sorry for Damone.

I really hate him.

Al wants to continue working for us.

Let me cook you dinner sometime.

We must take measures to prevent traffic accidents.

Your profile photo is unprofessional.

Wherever she goes, she has bodyguards with her.

It's difficult to understand why you want to go.

Kate came at five sharp.

You shouldn't be afraid of making mistakes when learning a language.

Nora and Myrick made snow angels.

See that this never happens again.

She poured her heart out.

He put his name down.

Mikey crossed the line.

She drinks a cup of blueberry tea.

If Bob had taken my advice, everything would be all right now.

I have a family.

Don't bother to call Patty.


I would love to be able to read French effortlessly.

You haven't changed.

The doctor bound my wounds.


Do you feel comfortable with the way that your body looks?

His face is always expressionless.

Keep your money in a safe place.


I had not expected Erick to swim.

I think Sergio moved to Boston.

Do not think that love, in order to be genuine, has to be extraordinary. What we need is to love without getting tired.


You haven't heard from Warren, have you?

How do you know that belongs to her?

A samurai in the Edo era carried two swords.

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Kenton didn't plan to go to Boston.


Miriam had to cancel his trip.


How many pupils are there in your school?

He is among the best jazz singers.

Irfan is very methodical.

I saw some birds flying away.

Try to get your thoughts in order.


Dalton fell in love with Japan.


Merat kissed the baby's forehead.

We just want you back.

You will miss the train if you don't hurry.

In Esperanto, green symbolizes hope.

That's the least of my problems.

I thought you said you were alone.

Glen helped the little old lady to cross the road.

He sat down and read the paper.

Can I please have the bill?

I feel like crying, but I don't know why.

I envy your lifestyle - living day-to-day like that.


In the end, one always ends up wishing to annihilate one's fellow man. Therein lies the sad fate of humanity.

If you've been drinking, perhaps your spouse can drive you home.

And the people? What will they say?

Let's listen to some Chopin.

"We never had this conversation." "What conversation?"


Vistlik is supportive.

Betty fell in love with Dannie and killed him.

They've arrested him.

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You're completely healthy.

The warranty doesn't cover normal wear and tear.

Panos! Answer me! I know you're in there, and I know you can hear me.


Edward ran to catch the train.

Did you invite her to dinner?

How high is the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office Building?

Someone is not respected by anyone.

Whether you like Donne or not is irrelevant.


I left the money with him.

Michael knows that Rakhal still isn't telling him everything.

The car was straddling the tracks when it was struck by a train.

I have to get home.

Halloween is still weeks away.

I never imagined so many people would come to my party.

Have you been to Cairo?

The police officer advised us to leave.

For some reason I can be honest with you, Cathy.

It is about eight kilometers.

I lost my driving license.


Lila certainly likes to argue.

He wrote three books in as many years.

What's your favorite role-playing game?


What do you really see?


I'm afraid of speaking in public.

This train has no luggage van.

None of them is driver.